Exhibit, display and organize
photos in style!

Glass clip frames, picture frames and collage frames remain strategic "essential items" for any decor selection, as they add a personal touch to any interior while still being accessible in terms of budget.

Frames, marco clips and all their variations are available in an infinite number of sizes, styles, materials and colors.

At C2S, we have the expertise to guide you in choosing the ideal assortment to ensure the best profitability per linear meter.


Picture frames & collage frames for images and photos

Whether as stand-alone pieces or as wall decor, picture frames occupy a special place in our interiors now more than ever. C2S offers a wide range of products and merchandising solutions to optimize your point-of-sale layout. To meet your customers' expectations, we've analyzed the keys to entry for the department, including size, molding types and colors. We've selected the best products that combine the most commonly sought-after features for an optimized area that offers a diverse and trendy assortment that's perfectly in line with the market. And last but not least, we've developed display fixtures and point-of-sale accessories to make it easier to find and choose products on the shelf.

Photo albums for showcasing memories

The ideal complement to your picture frame and collage frame assortment. We've researched the most popular album types and created exclusive designs to showcase them. Our module is designed to bring together the most frequently sought-after album types, such as pocket albums, spiral albums, and refillable and non-refillable albums. Pocket-sized for easy insertion in a handbag, or event-formatted for souvenirs to display in a bookcase or on a coffee table.

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