In-store sales rep

1. Our success is yours as well!

A 30% increase in sales each year on average is the figure that sums up the success we're proud to share with our customers. Benefiting from the energy and vibrancy of the home decor sector as well as (above all) from our teams, we're constantly improving and enriching our offerings to increase your profitability.
Each year, new clients join us to continue the adventure!



2. Fifty years in the business

The median age of C2S employees is 34. Our teams are made up of both young talent who are up-to-date on the latest trends and more seasoned employees who've been with us since the beginning of our fine history and know how to spot opportunities and identify long-term trends.
This cocktail of experience and energy is one of the company's best assets.


3. A SME that's close to its customers

We're experts who are rigorous in our methods and demanding in our objectives without losing the flexibility and adaptability of a human-scale SME. Our group allows us to leverage tools, processes and support. This gives us security and enables us to remain agile and reactive on a daily basis.

An agile organization at our head office along with a network of sales advisors in the field each week guarantee a close presence to optimize your performance.

A passion for detail

4. A passion for detail

At C2S, we know that at the end of the day, it's the details that make all the difference. The right color, a few millimeters more or less in thickness or in length, a refined finish, enhanced packaging that's sensibly packed, the right price...and even the smile and good humor of your sales rep when he or she visits your store are what matter.

Our attention to detail is evident at each stage of a project, and this is also the key to our success.


Unique products, protected designs

5. Unique products, protected designs.

Our designers continually come up with original ideas because we know that our clients must differentiate themselves from the standardized offerings of the sector's major players that are found on every retail shelf, whether physically or online. 

We secure this creativity by registering 10-20 original creations each month to ensure the protection of our intellectual property.



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There are more than five great reasons to become a C2S client!
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