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3,000+ available references

22 product categories

Your expert decor supplier

Our extensive experience has distinguished us for decades as an expert supplier to general decor departments as well as a specialist in the leading categories of frames and pictures, accent furniture and most recently, a lighting specialist. 

Today, we're putting this experience to good use in offering a complete collection of children's decor, furniture, storage and lighting called Les Minis.

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At C2S, our expertise consists of identifying trends, understanding how to interpret them and transforming them into exclusive collections and highly desirable product lines in the latest styles while keeping them affordable to consumers."
Pierre, Director of Collections

Home Decor The best styles, the highest profitability

- Textiles and Cushions

- Wall decor

- Canvases and paintings

- Mirrors

- Vases and dried flowers

- Rugs

- Clocks...



Lighting Focus on our lighting!

- Pendants

- Table and floor lamps

- Wall sconces and spotlights

- Garland lights

- Japanese paper lanterns

- Electrical cords

- Lampshades


Furniture both practical and decorative

- Nightstands

- Consoles and Buffets

- Desks

- Dressers and Chests of Drawers

- Coffee tables and end tables 

- Seating

- Shelves...



Picture frames Picture frames and holders, a safe bet in the world of interior design

- Picture frames and holders

- Marco clips

- Glass clip frames

- Collage frames

- Photo albums


"Les Minis" Everything they need to play, dream and grow...

- Decor

- Furniture

- Storage

- Lighting

- Mealtime

- Toys...


Concepts: Corners and turnkey concepts

Complete corners, permanent and dynamic concepts: You give us a space in your store, we optimize its performance!
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Over 3,000 references and more than 20 turnkey concepts to discover in our 1,500 m² showroom just outside of Paris. Come and see us!