Leave us a space in your sales area... we'll optimize your performance!

C2S specializes in concept selling.

Our merchandising knowledge and product expertise allows us to build relevant offerings and presentation solutions perfectly adjusted to your point of sale. Over time, we continuously help you manage performance to optimize every square meter.
Stock available 365 days a year
Stock available 365 days a year
Guaranteed profitability
Guaranteed profitability
Merchandising solutions
Merchandising solutions
In-store field advisory visits
Store visits, advice in the field

Tailored Services for your business

To our business and products expertise, we add a palette of services to make your life easier and boost your success, including integrated shelf management from your salesperson, performance monitoring, continuous optimization of your spaces, adapted packing and dedicated digital interface. This is the level of service C2S provides!


Various shelves Concepts



Our shelving concepts are perfectly designed for combining trends with performance and offer a variety of possible layouts depending on your point of sale's setup.


These modules consist of an assortment of the "best" and latest products, always at the right price. The price is designed to ensure your shelf's attractiveness without compromising its profitability.


For each product category, we've studied and designed the best display and POP accessories for maximizing the visibility, legibility and therefore profitability of your shelves.
Store department
Ostaria permanent shelves

Permanent concepts Your customized permanent display

These concepts, ranging from one to nine elements, are available for every major product category and can be tailored to your needs. Several layout plans available for each category allow you to adapt your shelf to your sales area. From a single product to an entire shelf unit, we analyze, construct and refine your project with you, right in your store. 


  • Lampshades

  • Japanese paper lanterns

  • Garland lighting

  • Decorative stationery

  • Photo albums

  • Photo frames

  • Marco clips

  • Glass clips frames

  • Decorative photo collages

  • Multiview photo frames

  • Printed canvases

  • Cushion covers


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Kids' corner
Ostaria corner
Industrial corner
Turnkey corners

Turnkey corners We'll take care of it for you!


Do you have a sales space that you'd like to dedicate to the world of decor but lack the time and experience to select and manage it? 

We've developed a complete turnkey concept that enables you to create a dedicated space in your store (shop-in-shop) with a wide and diversified offering of over 100 product references. Several layout formats are available to suit your individual needs.

Our corners are organized by style and by target around various themes from the decor world.


Enhanced by special fixtures designed specifically for C2S along with meticulous merchandising, OSTARIA corners adapt to your space with true added value. 

Lines are renewed every six months with two collections: spring/summer & autumn/winter.


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Ostaria dynamic shelving concepts

Dynamic concepts Build your shelves

Not looking for a turnkey concept? Our dynamic collections are made for you!

Our products are sold with or without layout recommendations. We supply the products, you build your shelving according to your needs and space, but always with the advice and service of C2S!


Our dynamic permanent concepts:


  • Furniture

  • Lighting (pendant lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, wall sconces, electrical cords, etc.)

  • Wall decor

  • Cushions

  • Painted canvases


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Discover all our product categories

Discover All our product categories

Lighting, furniture, decoration, framing, children's products, etc. Discover our collections with over 3,000 references.
C2S showroom

Visit the showroom

Over 3,000 references and more than 20 turnkey concepts to discover in our 1,500 m² showroom just outside of Paris. Come and see us!